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UI/UX Design, Web Design




LaddatKlart, a leading Swedish e-commerce platform, specializes in premium electronic car accessories. Their mission is to provide high-quality products at competitive prices that enhance the electric vehicle experience, offering a wide range of items carefully categorized into charging cables, charging boxes, and various other accessories. Committed to sustainability, LaddatKlart also offers eco-friendly options within their product lineup, and promotes eco-conscious practices within the electric vehicle community for a cleaner, greener future.

The Problem

As an e-commerce platform, LaddatKlart faced a range of challenges including product management complexities due to a vast catalog, the need for dynamic pricing updates to remain competitive, ensuring product listings matched industry standards, achieving online visibility through effective digital marketing, enhancing the user interface for optimal user experience, and providing diverse and secure payment options. They used technology and market analysis to create a seamless shopping experience for the customers.


We assembled a dedicated experienced team of UX/UI Designer, Front-end and Backend developers, a content writer, and an SEO expert to create the website. They used a project management tool, held daily meetings, and followed industry standards during development. Ensuring top-notch security, user experience and transparency was a paramount concern throughout the website development process, and we provided weekly work reports to keep the product owner informed.


To overcome challenges, we adopted a collaborative approach, engaging various services within our project. To efficiently manage and categorize our extensive product range, we implemented modern CMS (Content Management System) services. These systems facilitated the listing and maintenance of prices through a database. To tackle complex payment integration, we leveraged popular payment gateway services. For an improved user interface, we adhered to established e-commerce structures, including the creation of a shopping cart for listing selected products. Weekly price updates, SEO, and diverse digital marketing strategies improved online visibility. We also integrated cloud-based solutions to develop automated email services, ensuring accurate and accessible contact information for our users.