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United Sunrise Tech AB


UI/UX Design, Web Design




United Sunrise Tech AB, recognized as one of Sweden's most innovative companies, has emerged as a trusted partner for projects involving alternative and renewable energy sources. Their primary goal is the development of cost-effective and efficient energy solutions, with a particular emphasis on green energy. They provide highly efficient solutions for customer’s needs, leveraging cutting-edge equipment and techniques, alongside a proficient team of expert project managers and installers. At Sunrises, their aim is to provide customers with the most cutting-edge and effective energy solutions at affordable prices.

The Problem

During the development of Sunrises' website, the team faced significant challenges in presenting product information with accurate pricing estimates while maintaining a user-friendly interface. They also created a dashboard for customer requests and implemented automated email communication. Their approach focused on technical innovation, user-centric design, and efficient communication. The team aimed to provide a seamless experience and tailored product and pricing options for different environmental contexts, emphasizing sustainability. Reducing time and space complexity was another goal.


A dedicated development team initially created a clickable digital prototype to meet project requirements. They iteratively improved the project through phased releases, starting with core functionalities and later enhancing the user interface. The team accommodated change requests to adjust to changing requirements and conducted a competitive analysis to refine the UI. The project aligned with Sunrises' business goals, resulting in a user-friendly website that met expectations and strategic objectives.


To expedite website development, the team employed a strategic approach focused on efficiency and user-friendliness. They created reusable components, reducing redundancy and expediting the development process. They used frameworks to ensure the website's adaptability across devices, enhancing user experiences. A consistent theme was adopted for a user-friendly interface, improving visual appeal and navigation. Cloud-based email services were leveraged for efficient communication and user engagement. These decisions encompassed various aspects of development, from efficiency through reusable components to user satisfaction with responsive design and a unified theme, resulting in a rapidly developed website that met technical requirements while focusing on user satisfaction and engagement.